• The DISH Pro Plus Separator may be used in conjunction with a DISH Pro Plus Switch or LNBF to connect the two satellite tuner inputs of a DISH Pro Plus dual-tuner receiver using one cable. Tech specs
    • Separates signal from LNB to be used with dual tuner PVR
    Box Contents
    • Separator
  • This LNB is used to feed multiple receivers. Its quad output will allow all the receivers to achieve a good signal quality at all times. it can be used in combination with DPP44 switch to hook up more receivers Tech specs
    • Captures both Dish or Bell Satellites
    • Weather Proof
    • Connects up to 2 Tuners
    • Can be connected to DPP44 for even more connections
    Box Contents
    • LNB
  • The DISH Pro Plus 44 Switch features DISH Pro Plus Technology, LNBF inputs supporting four orbital locations, four receiver outputs, expansion ports to connect additional switches, and a power inserter. Tech specs
    • 4 Orbital Locations
    • 4 Tuner Outputs
    • 4 Trunk Connections to connect to another DPP44
    • Only Compatible with Dish Pro and Dish Pro Plus LNBF's
    Box Contents
    • Multiswitch
    • Power Supply
  • The DISH Pro Plus Quad allows you to pick up to 2 satellite locations and distribute them to up to 4 Bell or Dish Network Receivers Benefits
    • Connect up to 4 Bell TV or DISH Network single-tuner receivers
    • Connect up to four Bell TV or DISH Network dual-tuner receivers
  • Standard 20" Bell Dish for new subscribers or replacement Benefits
    • 51cm satellite dish
    • Individually boxed
    • Mast Pole Mounting Foot
    • Hardware Included
    • Skew Plate
    • Support Arm

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